With this device you can get FREE electricity for 12 years!

New Delhi, Oct 12: NRI billionaire Manoj Bhargava today said the Uttarakhand government has placed an order for around one lakh powerpacks, a portable device, which he claims, generates and stores electricity for basic usage.

"Uttarakhand with which we have been working with ... has ordered 100,000 units (of powerpacks) already. They have places where they cannot get electricity and they have realised that the only way they can get electricity is going to be this method," Bhargava told reporters here. Powerpack is produced in a laboratory-Stage 2--which was founded and is financially supported by Bhargava. He said that powerpacks will be supplied to Uttrakhand "sometime late November this year". Bhargava claimed that the Hans Powerpack is a lightweight, portable power device that allows people to easily generate and store electricity for basis usage such as lights, fans and mobile devices. "A unit if it is fully charged has 300 watt hours. If you just use single light, that can stay on for six hours a day for two months. If you use a fan, tablet, cellphone, one computer it can still last for six and seven hours," Bhargava said. The 300-watt HANS PowerPack is priced at Rs 14,500 in India. During the event, rainmaker filtration units were also unveiled which can be used to make brackish and grey water suitable for drinking and agriculture. "These machines have the potential to push off the water crisis for several years and possibly decades," he said. The billionaire philanthropist also presented details of the Shivansh Fertiliser method--a cost-free alternative to urea which is made with a process that transforms farm waste into a nutrient-rich fertiliser.