Withdraw or get ready to be kicked out: Chinese media to India

Beijing, Jul 5: The Chinese official media today stepped up its attack on India with editorials asking Indian troops to move out of Dokalam area in Sikkim sector "with dignity or be kicked out" and describing the situation as "worryingly tense".

While China's nationalistic tabloid Global Times said India should be taught a "bitter lesson", another official newspaper, China Daily, said India should look in the mirror. The Global Times said in its editorial that India will

suffer "greater losses" than in 1962 if it "incites" border clashes with China. 

As the standoff in the Dokalam area continued for the third week, it said India should be taught a "bitter lesson".

It also claimed that the Chinese public was infuriated by India's "provocation".

"We believe the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) is powerful enough to expel Indian troops out of Chinese

territory. The Indian military can choose to return to its territory with dignity, or be kicked out of the area by Chinese soldiers," it said.

"We need to give diplomatic and military authorities full power to handle the issue. We call on Chinese society to

maintain high-level unity on the issue. The more unified the Chinese people are, the more sufficient conditions the

professionals will have to fight against India and safeguard our interests. This time, we must teach New Delhi a bitter lesson," it said.

The editorial said it "firmly" believes that the face-off in what it calls the Donglang area will end with the Indian

troops in "retreat". 

"If New Delhi believes that its military might can be used as leverage in the Donglang area (referred to as Dokalam

or Dok La), and it is ready for a two-and-a-half front war, we have to tell India that the Chinese look down on their

military power," it said. 

The paper was referring Indian Army Chief General Bipin Rawat saying that India 'was ready for a two-and-a-half front war'.

"Jaitley (Defence Minister Arun Jaitley) is right that the India of 2017 is different from that of 1962 - India will suffer greater losses than in 1962 if it incites military conflicts," it added.

Jaitley on June 30 said India of 2017 is different from what it was in 1962, hitting out at China for asking the Indian Army to learn from "historical lessons". According to the editorial in China Daily, India's defeat in the 1962 war was perhaps too "humiliating" for some in the Indian military and that is why they are talking "belligerently" this time.