Woman of today: Do not worry about your biological clock ticking away

If you're a woman on the go, with a flourishing career and a fast-paced lifestyle where you want to keep having children in the back-burner, you can surely do so. Tick-tock seems to be the clock ticking and not to mention the constant bickering of everyone around on getting married and having children. Well one word for you: RELAX. Why? HERE'S WHY:

Firstly, in your 30's, you're more likely to be secure in your career and your marriage/relationship, which is great for building a strong foundation for motherhood. You have slogged it out in your 20's with regards to work, travelled with friends, partied hard and possibly weeded out the “bad boys” in your life. Now it's time to put on the hat of experience and stability and carry forth with motherhood.

Secondly, do not worry about the chances of decreasing while in your 30's. This is because there are advantages and disadvantages of conceiving and carrying on a pregnancy safely at any age. While it's true at post 30, your chances of getting pregnant decrease by around 10% every year, there are complications you could face in your 20s as well such as pre-eclampsia and pregnancy-induced hypertension. While physical factors of pregnancy generally favour a woman in her 20's, you may not have had time to fulfil your career goals. Also, there are various medical procedures available nowadays that can help you screen your pregnancy at regular intervals to take precautions of any complications. You can also opt for a dietician who specialises in food plans that help a woman in her 30s carry safely by taking into mind complications such as blood pressure, abnormal thyroid levels and type 1 diabetes.

Thirdly, you have the funds, aka the financial strength, to look into medical procedures such as IVF, egg freezing and ovarian stimulation if you aren't able to conceive in normal course. They are called assisted reproductive technologies or ART. If you're in a clean bill of health you can opt for these procedures. Also, you have more of a chance to end up having multiples. If you do not have many eggs left in your ovaries, you can look into surrogacy. This procedure has become such a big fad in Bollywood that it's almost been given a legitimacy stamp in our society.

While vitality, good health, strong bones and a normal period cycle favour a woman in her 20s, it also makes practical and financial sense to wait until you're in your 30s. Also, at any age, if you want a healthy, prolonged and complication-free pregnancy, there are some preparations you must do. Slim down if you're a bit heavy, avoid a high-mercury diet (mercury is normally found in fish), start eating healthy with a diet enriched in proteins and green vegetables, take folic acid supplements and keep busy. Also, take getting pregnant off your mind while you're trying to conceive, as this is also a deterrent in getting pregnant. You're an independent woman, with the liberty to make your own decision over your body, so exercise this liberty with full freedom. Enjoy and relax!