Women continue to outnumber men in Australia

Canberra: The latest survey of Australia's population shows that women continue to outnumber men, after the female population hit 12 million for the first time this week. Figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) on Thursday revealed there were around 96,300 more women in Australia than men, meaning the nation's sex ratio was at 99 males to 100 females, Xinhua news agency reported. ABS Director of Demography, Beidar Cho said the rate of women to men varied from state to state however, with some states having a higher male population. "With the exception of Western Australia and the Northern Territory, all states and territories have more females than males," Cho said in a statement. "Western Australia has 102 males for every 100 females and the Northern Territory has 112 males for every 100 females." However the ABS revealed the sex ratio was not always in the females' favour; at birth there are 106 males born for every 100 female, however the figure is balanced out later in life thanks to the higher rate of male mortality at younger ages. For every 100 females aged 90 years and above, the ABS said there was only 55 males, while for every 100 female centenarians, there were just 32 males. Overall, in 2015, Australia's population grew by 326,100 people (1.4 per cent) to hit 23.9 million by December 31.  The ABS population clock registered the 24 millionth Australian in February this year.