Women desire men to wear the pants in the relationship

According to a study, back in the 1980s, in Norway stated that husbands who do the majority of the housework for their wife, raising kids included, were 50% more likely to want a divorce. This was because empowered, educated women who are making enough of their own money and can survive, thrive and prosper without the help of a man were most like to trigger a divorce. However, things have changed today. The reasons for divorce run much deeper than just cleaning up the dishes for your wife or paying for her phd degree or accompanying her for her corporate dinner (most men would think of it as being a mere chaperone). Woman, today, whether happy housewives or contended career-woman, still want the man to steer their relationship. IT is so, lets examine two reasons for this:  

Firstly, its not about control. It is about how the power, or rather the upper-hand, is perceived in relationships. According to a popular line from My Big Fat Greek Wedding, "Men are the heads in the relationship and women are the necks," women have religiously followed this line. Women, since the beginning of civilisation, believe that they can control the man with sex. While men might not be able to digest it, women follow the saying religiously, and they truly believe in its validity. Thus to a certain extent, it's true. Women's perception of power is defined by their sexuality. That is, they feel they are more dominant because they can use sex to control men, since that is one of their weak spots (pun intended). They let men pick them up at home and at work, buy them flowers and jewelry, and they let men make them the center of their universe. It's not because men are stupid, they're just madly in love, and in the beginning, it's normal for men to impress women at any cost. Women are fully aware of this. What women fail to realize, however, is that men don't always keep them perched up on pedestals. Thus they arent really the ones in power. Eventually they reclaim their masculinity by giving their women the attention. The "you choose the restaurant or movie" is a ploy to make you happy. Thus power isnt given to you, you are just pampered to glory.  

Secondly, the 50/50 relationship is a myth. It is the dynamics of the relationship that is key. Be the wife, be the woman. Husbands, be the man. Gender roles need to be clearly defined. Thanks to confused TV talk show hosts and their (unqualified for any other profession) guests, millions of men and women have slowly transformed themselves into being neither a man or a woman, but neutral or trans-spoused. When men stop being men and women started thinking, acting and behaving more like men, couples begin to lose the natural spark of sexual attraction that is created when a clear masculine/feminine dynamic is present. Just like a battery needs a positive and negative charge to create power, two humans need a clear masculine and feminine divide between them to create sexual attraction. Women, stop hammering them nails on walls, dress up in your cocktail dress, nude heals and create his favourite delicacy. Raise his kids properly.  
Times have changed. Feminism is not just about lifting the oppressive veil of gender expectations off of women, it's also about loosening up on expectations from men. We, as woman, should be contented, then we will stop pulling the men to satisfy us or feed our insecurities. Take care of your insecurites, exercize, carve out a career path, work on your children. The men just need their dinner on the table every night. When you're happy, power isnt even on the last thing on your mind.