Women's Day Special: 40 powerful women to join SWAT team, first of its kind

New Delhi, March 7: This is certainly music to ears of women across the world. The best way to celebrate Women's Day. Delhi Police has acknowledged 'nari shakti' and in such a powerful way.

For the first time Delhi Police is set to induct 40 women into its Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team, dedicated to anti-terror operations and tackling hardened criminals. As it stands today there are 200 men in the team.

“The move will take the size of the team to 240,” a senior police officer reportedly said to a web portal. “The induction of women will begin with the recruitment of the new batch of personnel in the force. They will be trained and equipped along with their male counterparts. Their deployment will also be on the same lines across the city.”

And the SWAT commandos will be well-equipped with th state-of-the-art weapons which include AK-47 rifles, MP5 machine guns, Glock 17 or 26 pistols and corner shot devices for enhanced night vision. They are also trained in Krav Maga, a self-defence system developed for the Israel Defense Forces.