World Mourns Nice Victims

World leaders are expressing dismay, sadness and solidarity with France over the attack carried out by a man who drove truck into crowds of people celebrating France's national day in Nice, killing at least 90 people. Here is what the world leaders have to say:


Prime Minister Narendra Modi condemned what he called a mindless attack.

"I am appalled by the horrific attack in Nice. I strongly condemn such mindless acts of violence. My thoughts are with the families of deceased," he said. "India shares the pain and stands firmly with our French sisters and brothers in this hour of immense sadness."


"Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and other loved ones of those killed," he said.President Barack Obama condemned what "appears to be a horrific terrorist attack" in Nice.

Clinton said "every American stands in strong solidarity with the people of France, and we say with one voice: We will not be intimidated. We will never allow terrorists to undermine the egalitarian and democratic values that underpin our very way of life."


Chancellor Angela Merkel pledged solidarity with France in the aftermath of the attack, saying "Germany stands at France's side in the fight against terrorism."

Speaking on the sidelines of a summit in Mongolia, Merkel added: "I am completely convinced that we will win this fight despite all difficulties."


European Council president Donald Tusk expressed consternation that France was attacked on its national day and said the world stands united with the French people.

"It is a tragic paradox that the victims of the attack people celebrating liberty, quality and fraternity. We will stand united with the families of victims, the French people and the government in the fight against violence and hatred," Tusk said.


NATO's chief said he was "appalled and saddened" by the attack in Nice and that alliance's other member nations "stand in strong solidarity with the people of France."


Russian President Vladimir Putin says he was "shocked by the violence and exceptional cynicism" ofThursday's attack in Nice.

Putin sent condolences to French President Francois Hollande on Friday and said that terrorism can be defeated only if "all civilized mankind pulls efforts together" to fight militants, their leaders as well as targeting their financial backers "wherever they are hiding."


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said the attack shows "terrorism has no religion, race or nationality."

Erdogan said Friday that "those who carried out this brutal incident have nothing to do with humanity. In essence these barbarians have no place in this world or should they have."


Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo said he called his counterparts in France to express his condolences.

"We are very sorry and very much with the French people and the French government," he said in at a meeting of Asian and European leaders in the Mongolian capital of Ulaanbaatar.


Foreign Minister Didier Reynders expressed dismay that France was once again the target of an apparent terrorist attack. "We condemn such an attack, maybe a terrorist attack, but such an attack in France again," he said.


Michael D. Higgins says after meeting France's ambassador in Dublin: "This cowardly attack in a public place on a national day of celebration must be condemned in the strongest terms. We must strengthen our resolve not to let such cold-blooded attacks undermine the way of life in our global community seeking to live in diversity and peace."


Greece's Foreign Ministry says the attack in France targeted "the cradle of the ideas of liberty, equality and fraternity," adding that "the action of barbaric terrorism is doomed to fail."


Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka says the attack in France shows "we face a threat of perverse, fanatical ideology, despising humanity and human life."

Sobotka said France has his country's support and solidarity, saying "We have to defeat terrorism together."


Prime Minister Taavi Roivs condemned "a terrible attack on innocent people celebrating their national day.Today, we all stand together with the French people."


Pope Francis has condemned the terror attack in Nice during national Bastille Day celebrations.

The Vatican said "we condemn in an absolute manner all manifestations of homicidal folly, hatred, terrorism and attacks against peace."


Israel's prime minister is condemning the "horrific" attack on revelers in Nice. Benjamin Netanyahu says the attack was a reminder that "terrorism can strike anywhere and must be fought everywhere." He said Israel was prepared to help France "fight this evil until it is defeated."


Premier Li Keqiang said "we strongly condemn terrorism of all forms. We express our condolences to the victims and we will fight all kinds of terrorism."


Japan expressed "strong shock and anger" following the truck attack in Nice. Japanese Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said Japan also aims to strengthen its counter-terrorism and border measurements to ensure safety of Japan.

It is a definitely a warm feeling to know that the world can reunite in times of such calamity and be there for the countries which face a tough time.