Xeeshan, Pink thrill with silvery show at Pakistan fashion week

Lahore, March 12 : It was a silvery show for designer Ali Xeeshan and Karma Pink at the second day of the ongoing Pakistan Fashion and Design Council's (PFDC)'s Sunsilk Fashion Week (PSFW) 2016. Ali's show, labelled "Voodoo", depicted the frenzy of a journey from the lowest level of darkness to the highest point of joy. His ensemble was dominated by silver glitter on his designs. With smooth lines, sharp cuts and whole silver dresses, Ali received a huge applause from the audience. His army wore a shield-style headgear with a splash of neon lemon on a few designs. Models also walked with a ship-like prop which gave a theatrical look to the ramp. His designs, quirky and energetic captivated the audience as he showed a love or hate collection. The final show by Karma Pink's vibrant "Studio54" collection brought disco vibes to the stage. The entire ensemble in silver and black was much appreciated. Model Rabia Dutt also paid tribute to the legendary David Bowie by wearing a T-shirt of his name. "Studio54", a collection inspired by a disco party, brought energy and fun as the models boldly posed for the cameras. Other fashion designers including Nomi Ansari, Mahgul, Nickie and Nina with their lavish collections added colour to the stage.