Xiaomi stunned market by "Drone" launch

Noida: China's famous Smartphone maker Xiaomi today launched its own drone as anticipated in two variants that can shoot 1080 video and one that can shoot 4k has been priced at Rs 26000 and Rs 31000 respectively.

The Mi Drone uses both GPS and GLONASS for positioning and can remain stable while flying at low altitudes.

Drone comes with 5100 mAh battery which is replaceable and Xiomi claims that its Drone can fly up to 27 minutes on a single charge

Can land anywhere we want

Xiaomi says that the drone has the camera attached to 3-axis gimbal which stabilises up to 2000 variations per second, Drone also comes with automatic takeoff and landing system,waypoint flight path planning, tap to fly on the map, circle an object on the ground.

The drone can be controlled by the remote control which comes built-in PCB antenna and can be controlled up to 2 kilometres.

As per Xiaomi incase drone runs out of battery charge or loses communication with remote control then it will land on the same place from where it took off.