Yawatmal: Too little too late, 20 farmers die, Fadnavis assures probe

New Delhi, Oct 10: 20 farmers lose life as they were sprayed pesticides to save the crops. Mahaashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis  has at last ordered probe into this, what may be called, 'mass murder'. It was height of apathy and callousness when one of his ministers, while interacting with media, gave some insensitive remarks.

Chief of Maharashtra governments Vasantrao Naik Shetkari Swavalamban Sanstha Kishore Tiwari said the deaths of "innocent" farmers in Yavatmal due to pesticide poisoning is "genocide" by multi-national companies and the state government. Tiwari appealed to the state administration to stop use of harmful products as an immediate solution to put an end to farmer fatalities. Addressing a press conference in Nagpur, Tiwari alleged that vested interest of the regulatory officials in agriculture department and administrations negligence in this matter allowed these unfortunate deaths to happen. "Farmers, agriculture department and pesticide companies need to take note of the seriousness of this issue and if the state does not ban such toxic and chemical pesticides there will be rise in farmer fatalities due to these chemical fertilisers. "These farmers failed to take requisite precautions and used the toxic insecticide without sufficient knowledge of how to use it has resulted in their tragic death," said Tiwari. "We appeal to the state government to support the use of non-poisonous and organic farming and ban chemical farming till farmer suicides stop in Vidarbha," he added. Tiwari said they will pursue with the chief minister for compensation of Rs 5 lakh to the victims. Chairman and MD of BVG Life Sciences H R Gaikwad, who was present for the press conference, said the last decade has seen a rapid growth in death amongst farmers due to excessive use of pesticides and this will only further escalate if the issue is not addressed immediately. "We urge the state to test and use the non-poisonous, agro herbal products that are natural, non toxic, food safe and 100 per cent herbal," said Gaikwad.

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