Yogi government will modernize Madrasas, says Deputy CM Dinesh Sharma

New Delhi: Deputy Chief Minister Dr Dinesh Sharma was candid and focused as he participated in the mega conclave of News24 aptly titled 'Manthan Uttar Pradesh' on the completion of 100 days of Yogi government.  

In this interactive conclave the session with Dinesh Sharma touched some vital and sensitive issues.

Responding to the condition of Muslims in the stae he said, " We want our Muslim children to have Quran in one hand and a computer in another." He

retorted emphatically, "Madrasas should be mordernised for the benefit of these children."

On being questioned if he would make Surya Namaskar compulsary in schools, he said that Yoga is good for all, irrespective of any caste and creed and

will ensure that it is promoted in a big way. "We have never asked anyone to do Surya Namaskar forcefully. But one cannot ignore the benefts of Yoga."

Muslims are true nationalists and it is sad that they have been used just as a vote bank. But if you sympathise with Ladens and Umers I'll never

symapthise with you, " he said emphatically.

Making a valid point when asked to comment on the sesitive issue of the rights of Muslims in the state he said, "This is a country of both Ali and

Bajrangbali, we have to live with peace and harmony. This is the beauty of India. "

Addressing the important issue the present syllabus he said, "Schools of Uttar Pradesh will now be introduced to NCRT with some changes keeping in

mind the present day circumstances."

Will Sanskrit be made compulsary? To this he said, "Sanskrit is the mother of all major languages, it will be promoted in a big way. We are not against

any language. But that does not mean we are against Persian.

On the marvel and splendour Tajmahal he said that Tajmahal can be an example of an architectural wonder but it can never symbolise our faith and

beliefs. "How can soemone who chops off hands of artisans and gives poison to brothers be a part of our culture" he asked.

He said, "We want to make good education accessible, transparent  and of best quality. There wl b no compromise on this. Don't expect a sea-change

in 100 days, but we are on path of heralding a big change."

He said he is pained to see that whereas earlier dducation was considered a noble service today it has been commercialised in a big way. And this has

harmed our culture in a big way, he observed. He promised, "We will correct this. Earlier education was guided by a sense of service but today it has

been commercialised, this is sad. Am trying to rein in spiralling school fees and everything which fleeces money from parents."

He said that students from humble background and govrnment schools are in no way less than students of Public schools and major college.

 Education is a must to eradicate crime and poverty from the state. "Im working towards setting things right. Let's not start a blame game. We are trying to correct a wrong legacy which we received. We have handled many anomalies which ailed the education system of UP.