Yogi tightens SCREWS on madarsas,makes online registration MUST

Lucknow: After cracking the whip on Madarssas for Independence Day celebrations, the Yogi Adityanath government has new measures to  check "irregularities in madrassas". On Friday the Uttar Pradesh government a portal of UP Madrassa Board for online registration of all madarssas.

"There were a number of complaints of irregularities in madrassas and it was decided to make the registration online so that details of all madrassas, their management, teachers, etc are available online," UP Waqf Minister Mohsin Raza said. The minister described it as a step towards digitisation and an effort  to bring in transparency in the functioning of  madarssas.

There are over 19,000 recognised and 560 aided madrassas in the state. The government feels that the digitisation will also improve the quality of education at the,the  madrassas

New Madarssa policy of UP Govt

1.Registration applies to all government affiliated/aided madrasas.

2.Details of students enrolled, staff/teachers employed, building  will have to be uploaded.

3.Geo tagging of Madarsas will also be done.

4. Duplication in the appointment of teachers or other staff to prevent them being enrolled at multiple madrasas wil be checked.

5 . Effort to curb the practice of madarsa students getting multiple scholarships by getting enrolled in multiple Madarsas.

6. Madarssas will have to present all bills online for payment from November 2017,

7. Online payment of salaries of staff and teachers

8. All UP Madarsas will be linked online

 9. Madarssas have to upload required details  by October 15, 2017.

10. Affiliation of new madrassas and their aid will be done through this portal.