Your Android phone has been hacked.. all data gone

New Delhi: If you use an Android phone then you are in serious trouble. Your personal data from your e-mails is likely to be stolen and misused. Your private pictures and much more is an danger.  A virus is on the prowl. This malware goes by the name ''Gooligan". It tricks you into downloading fake, poisoned apps ,  which not only puts your Android phone in danger, but the also the linked Google accounts and services.

Gooligan attacks about 13,000 smartphones across the globe daily. It has already affected 10 lakh smartphones and is a serious threat.

Checkpoint, a security firm that identified Gooligan,  says that there are 84 3rd-party apps that have the potential of affecting 74% Android phones.

Once Gooligan is gets installed, it allows the phone to acquire administrator privileges in Android phones that run on Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, and KitKat and Lollipop. The affected  phones then allow download and installation  of  a software that paves the way to accesses the owner's Google-related accounts (Gmail, Google Photos, Google Docs, Google Play, Google Drive, and G Suite). It bypasses the password prompt.

You can visit here to find out whether your Android phone has been affected.

Instructions on checking if your account is compromised can be accessed by visiting: