Your high-speed train travel expenses will surge from today

New Delhi: From today, the passengers travelling by Rajdhani, Duronto and Shatabdi trains will have to shell out between 10 and 50 per cent more under a dynamic surge pricing system being  introduced from today. This decision will make a hole in your pocket, while the government pockets will bulge with an additional Rs 500 crore in the current financial year.
What’s not known widely is the fact that this new fare scheme will not only impact Rajdhani, Duronto and Shatabdi fares, but fares of 81 trains in total.
After criticism of  the flexi-fare system, Government has clarified that this scheme is  on an experimental basis and will be reviewed after some time. “We have introduced the dynamic fare system on an experimental basis. We will review it after some time and see what necessary measures can be taken further,” Chairman Railway Board (CRB) A K Mittal told PTI.