Your smartphone will help you recognise unknown people

New Delhi: For the first time smartphone users will be able to identify unknown people by just looking at their face. For this you just need to have a wonder App on your phone.

Blippar is adding Augmented Reality Face Profile feature to its app> this will enable users to scan or ‘blip’ a face, either in person, or from a photo or TV. Once the scan is done , the app in your smartphone will unlock the profile of the person, along with links of their social media profiles.

The app will recognise public figures. However, users can also set up their own face profiles.
Blippar CEO Ambarish Mitra was quoted in reports as saying, “Our face is our most expressive form of communication and with this release we are allowing this to become digital for the first time. Our facial recognition technology combined with our knowledge graph enables people to express themselves through the things they love, including their hobbies, opinions, key fun facts, and so much more.”

It is a unique and fun way of showing who you are, and yes it’s a great way to learn about others..
Current Blippar app is available on both iOS and Android. At present it uses machine learning to help users scan objects and learn about them.
The profiles will be a strictly opt-in experience. These will include curated information and images, along with links (optional) to social media profiles, and favourite music. And yes, even lookalike celebrities.