Zabardast! Akshay's Padman message....Watch video

New Delhi, Jan 30: Akshay Kumar starer Padman release date may have been pushed ahead but that does not let the excitement around the movie die down by any means. In fact the curiosity level has increased manifold as the film revolves around an otherwise taboo topic. Talking of menstruations is not a common thing here in our society and then talking of sanitary pads has emerged as a bigger taboo. But who can stop Akshay Kumar? A new curtain raiser shows an interesting insight into the much awaited film.

It won't be an exaggeration to say that he dares to tread the path which others have feared. He remains the cool dude he is even when he is talking of 'chums' or toilets.

His marketing team ensures that the hype around the movie does not die down and has now released a video which shows various characters talking on the subject in their own signature style. This video is a must watch.