Zakir Naik 'Peace' talks

New Delhi: Controversial Islamic preacher, Zakir Naik is not expected to return home to Mumbai for a few more weeks as he is on a scheduled tour of the UAE and Africa. In defence he said, " Will co-operate with any Indian Investigation agency for any information, So for not a single Indian goverment agency has contacted me for any clarification." It would be my pleasure to cooperate with any official from the Indian government investigation agency for any information they might require from me,"

Abu Aazmi eariler supported Zakir Naik saying, "Naik is being targeted. He never supported terrorism. What about Sadhvi Pragya , Coll.Purohit ?

Why is Naik targeted now ? He is giving sermons for 25  years 

He never supported Laden. He only spoke about terror in a different perspective.

How can you say that bangladeshi terrorist s were influenced by him ?

His only mistake was that he openly converted people to islam.

He should come back, but is there a guarantee the will a be free trial. We have seen what happened to akshar sham suspects?"