Zakir Naik seeks support through Twitter against 'media trials'

New Delhi: Facing investigation over his speeches that are believed to have "inspired" two of the Bangladeshi cafe attackers, controversial Islamic preacher Zakir Naik on Saturday sought support from the Muslim community against the "media trials" through his new Twitter handle "@drzakirofficial". "I, Dr Zakir Naik, Call upon all my Muslim Brothers & Sisters to Support me against the "Media Trials" and Let Justice Prevail," Naik tweeted.  Naik, founder of Mumbai-based Islamic Research Foundation, introduced his new Twitter handle @drzakirofficial on his Facebook page also.  In another tweet, Naik said: "I appeal to all people worldwide to work together on the causes, ways and solutions to eliminate TERRORISM FROM OUR MIDST." Naik is banned in Britain and Canada for his hate speeches against other religions. Within an hour of Naik's appeal for support on Saturday, his Facebook post had over 6,000 likes.  The government has launched a multi-pronged investigation into controversies around Naik's speeches and "online sermons". Apart from an investigation by the Home Ministry, the Information and Broadcasting Ministry is looking into issues concerning the telecast of his speeches.  According to reports, some of the Indian youth who have taken to militancy are believed to have been "inspired" by Naik's speeches. On Friday, supporters of Naik took out a solidarity march in Srinagar to condemn any action that might be taken against him. Over a dozen supporters gathered in Srinagar and shouted slogans in favour of Zakir Naik. Born on October 18, 1965, Zakir Naik is better known as a Mumbai-based "preacher". He is a medical doctor by education. Internet also describes him as a Founder of Peace TV, Peace TV Bangla and Peace TV Urdu.